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We mostly serve Clients in the Eastern United States including the following States: Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia and the following cities Akron, Cincinatti, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Detroit, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Louisville, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Toledo. If you are located outside of this area, we still may be able to provide service or refer you to a company that can.  

We Specialize in:


   *Superior alternative to Sand, Shot & Water Blasting
   *Eliminates the Need for Disassembly
   *Nonabrasive, Nonflammable & Nonconductive          

   *It's DRY!  It  will not damage electrical parts 

   *Removes adhesive, ink, rust, paint, oil, grease, soot    

     & tar
   *Environmentally friendly, no secondary contaminants
   *100% ecologically safe & biodegradable 
   *Eliminates or Substantially reduces downtime!

-​​​Dry Ice Blasting/Cleaning

-Turbine & Power Equip. Cleaning

-Industrial Cleaning

-Equipment Cleaning

-Confined Space Services

-Facility Maintenance 

-Surface Preparation   

-Restoration & Remediation Services

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         Apex Dry Ice Blasting & Industrial Services performs a wide array of services in many different industries.   We are fully insured, use OSHA Trained Technicians and are available Nationwide 24/7.  Apex is committed to providing our Clients excellent & dependable service at a reasonable price.  We are registered Contractors with ISNetworld and Browz where we have a "100%  Superior" rating.

         We specialize in Dry Ice Blasting /Cleaning which is the process where rice-sized dry ice pellets are propelled at supersonic speeds onto the surface to be cleaned using high pressure air.   Upon contact with the surface, the pellets sublimate, transforming directly from a solid to a gas (no liquid phase), making it ideal for situations where moisture is not an option.   It is non-abrasive, non-conductive and non-flammable.  Dry Ice Blasting generates no additional waste or secondary contamination unlike media and water blasting.   

          The Dry Ice Blasting process has been approved by the EPA, FDA and the USDA and is considered to be an environmentally friendly (green) cleaning method.   

          ​Dry Ice Blasting is the superior alternative to sand blasting, shot blasting, soda blasting, water blasting & chemical cleaning.  If you are experiencing prolonged downtime, high costs for secondary waste disposal, or costly wear and tear on equipment, it's time to evaluate your cleaning process and measure it against Dry Ice Blasting!

The most popular applications for Dry Ice Blasting include:

         - Industrial Cleaning

         - Manufacturing & Production Equipment Cleaning

         - Confined Space Cleaning (Tanks, Silos, Bins)

         - Surface Preparation

         - Turbine & Power Generation Equipment Cleaning

         - Cleaning of Ceilings and Exterior & Interior of Buildings

         - Removal of Adhesives, Rust, Grease, Paint, Tar, Soot & Oil

         - Decontamination

         - Historic Restoration/ Wood & Metal Cleaning

         - Fire Restoration/Remediation

         - Graffiti Removal

        -  Concrete, Brick & Block Cleaning

Click here for a list of other applications.

​​​​Dry Ice Blasting reduces down time by as much as 80% which reduces cost and increases production!