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Akron OH - Apex Dry Ice Blasting & Industrial Services, LLC  - dry-ice-machine-clean-up-for-food-serviceDo you have equipment that needs to be cleaned fast, efficiently, and with minimal secondary waste?

Apex Dry Ice Blasting offers the best dry ice blasting solution in Akron. We have numerous reviews and testimonials and we are committed to you– the customer.

Why Dry Ice Blasting?

Dry ice blasting — or CO2 blasting — is the most efficient and effective cleaning option for equipment. Instead of using abrasive particles like soda blasting or sandblasting, dry ice blasting is safe for all types of equipment and applications.  CO2 blasting is non-conductive, non-flammable, and produces no waste, which means that your equipment will be up-and-running immediately after cleaning - with no risk of damage or corrosion to electronics.

What About Food Safety?

Akron is home to numerous food processing facilities so utilizing a cleaning process that was food safe was important for us to better service our customers. All of our CO2 blasting options contain use food-grade dry ice pellets approved by the EPA, FDA, and USDA.  CO2 blasting eliminates the need for chemical cleaning, resulting in a safer, cleaner, and more efficient removal of dirt, grime, dust, and more.

Perfect Moisture Sensitive Option

Do you have equipment that's sensitive to moisture? CO2 blasting uses dry ice pellets that go straight from solid to gas, completely skipping the liquid phase. This means that your equipment won't be exposed to moisture at any point during the CO2 cleaning process. Unlike chemical options, your equipment will have no risk of damage from liquid, while the dry ice blasting process itself will clean much faster, more efficiently, and more thoroughly than any chemical options on the market.

Fire Damage

If you've been victim to a disastrous fire, Apex Dry Ice Cleaning can help! Dry ice blasting will remove soot, char, and smoke damage quickly. Our effective cleaning solution will remove fire damage and smoke odors. CO2 cleaning is the fastest, most efficient, and most price effective fire restoration service available. Contact one of our representatives at (330) 673-9549 for more information!

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What are you waiting for Akron? If you have industrial equipment that needs cleaned, and are looking for a process that doesn’t damage electrical components and leaves no secondary waste, contact us for a free estimate. CO2 blasting is the best way to clean Akron!