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Cleveland OH - Apex Dry Ice Blasting & Industrial Services, LLC  - dry-ice-cleaningAre you tired of spending days waiting for your equipment to be cleaned? What about all of that excess waste created via the cleaning process?

Apex Dry Ice Blasting offers the best dry ice blasting solution in Cleveland, and we will get you back on track with fast cleaning, incredible customer service, and no secondary waste.

Why Dry Ice?

Dry ice blasting (also known as CO2 blasting) works by shooting dry ice pellets onto dirty surfaces.  Instead of using abrasive materials like sandblasting or soda blasting, the dry ice pellets won't damage surfaces and work faster and more efficiently, resulting in more effective cleaning. Dry ice cleaning leaves behind no additional waste, is non-conductive, and completely non-flammable, which means no equipment damage and no clean-up!  It also does not damage electronic components. This makes dry ice blasting the ideal industrial cleaning solution.

What About Food Processing Equipment?

What about food safety? Cleveland is home to an incredibly diverse range of food processing plants, so making sure that food processing equipment remains clean and chemical-free is one of our primary concerns. All of our CO2 blasting methods use FDA approved food-grade dry ice pellets, so your equipment will remain untainted and ready-to-roll immediately after cleaning -- no further action required.

I Have Moisture Sensitive Equipment!

Do you have equipment that's sensitive to moisture? No problem! CO2 blasting is the perfect solution for that moisture-sensitive equipment. Dry ice blasting transforms directly from a solid into a gas so there is no moisture.  As a result, there is no risk of corrosion or damage to electrical components. 

We Had a Fire!

Have you had a fire? Apex can help you recover! Dry ice blasting is a fast, safe, and effective smoke and fire damage solution. Our dry ice blasting solution will completely remove soot, char damage, and will remove that smoke odor! Don't let fire stop you in your tracks, give Apex Dry Ice Blasting a call (330) 673-9549 today to talk to one of our Ohio representatives. We have your back Cleveland.

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So, what are you waiting for Cleveland? Apex offers the best CO2 blasting options in the Cleveland area. We're affordable, easy to talk to, professional, and, most of all, we come with a swarm of positive customer reviews and tons of industry experience. All of our solutions are approved by the FDA, EPA, and USDA. Contact us to get a free quote!