Fire Restoration

Apex Dry Ice Blasting Offers a Fast and Effective Solution for Fire Damage Restoration Throughout Ohio and Western Pennsylvania

Has there been a devastating fire? We can help you recover faster!

After the dust and soot has settled and the damage has been assessed, your property will still require smoke damage restoration and fire damage cleanup. At Apex Dry Ice Blasting, our top priority is getting your life, and property, back to normal as quickly as possible, so you can get back to business.

Dry ice blasting is a fast and safe solution for effectively removing soot, smoke damage, odor, char, and other contaminants that can cause lingering problems.

What Makes Dry Ice Blasting the Best Choice for Fire Damage Cleaning?

  • Removes soot, charred wood, and other contaminants
  • Safe for plumbing and electrical
  • Reduces labor costs and downtime
  • Effective for hard-to-reach areas
  • No secondary waste requiring additional cleanup
  • Approved by the FDA, EPA and USDA
  • Environmentally-friendly solution
  • Removes tough odors
  • Uses no chemicals or harsh abrasives
  • No surface erosion
  • Great for use on concrete, wood, and brick

"We are quite pleased with the results and appreciate the way you handled our unique situation. Tom and PK were both professional, down to earth, and respectful of our property. You both operated in a safe manner and were aware of your surroundings to protect our employees from any hazards. Tom and PK were happy to answer all of our questions and curiosities even when it was in the middle of your working. It was a pleasure working with you both and we will be utilizing your services again in the future."

Matt Bednarcik, Manufacturing Engineer, Electrolock, Inc

Dealing with Difficult Odors? Try Dry Ice Blasting!

One of the most challenging aspects of fire restoration is eliminating the lingering odors during the smoke damage clean-up process. Dry ice blasting has been proven to be the perfect solution for eliminating those unwanted scents. Within 24 hours of undergoing dry ice smoke and fire restoration services, odors are often completely undetectable!

Recover from Fire Faster with Dry Ice Fire Damage Restoration in Cleveland, OH

When compared to traditional methods, dry ice blasting can get the job 3-5 times faster! This is a significant difference that allows you to resume normal operations faster, reducing downtime at your facility, or getting you back to your normal routine after a home fire. Additionally, because dry ice blasting does not result in secondary waste, there is no need to go back and clean-up the mess that comes with traditional blasting medias, such as water, sand or chemicals.

To get a free estimate for your fire restoration and cleanup needs, contact Apex Dry Ice Blasting today at (330) 673-9549. Our technicians serve all of Ohio and Western Pennsylvania with reliable cleaning services that will significantly reduce your business’ downtime!