Ice Blasting Compared to Other Industrial Cleaning Techniques

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Dry ice-blasting, or “CO2 blasting”, is an improved industrial cleaning process that uses solid carbon dioxide pellets.

The carbon pellets are blasted at high velocities towards dirty surfaces. The pellets sublimate upon hitting the dirty surfaces and the kinetic energy transferred in the process aids in removing dirt and debris from your industrial machines. Ice blasting is a highly effective cleaning process that comes with plenty of added benefits, for instance, it doesn’t damage or scratch  industrial surfaces.

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Additionally, ice-blasting is preferred by plant-managers because of its cost-effectiveness. This cleaning method doesn’t leave any residue once the process is complete. That saves factories from having to pay extra to dispose of secondary waste left when using other popular methods.

Safer & Faster

Ice-blasting is ideal because it doesn’t leave an unsightly profile on the cleaning surface. Also, dry ice blasting is safer than other cleaning processes, like sand blasting. The method is recommended for cleaning a wide array of industrial surfaces, heavy-duty machines, and electrical products.

In-contrast to cleaning alternatives provided by leading industrial cleaning services companies, sand blasting is a remarkably quick process that saves the cleaners additional time for other tasks at the factory. According to, CO2 blasting is 3 to 5 times faster than its closest alternative.


The CO2 used to blast is non-flammable and enhances the overall safety of the users.

Why Choose Apex

Finding the latest dry ice-blasting services is easy for residents of Kent, OH. You have many choices thanks to industrial cleaning services companies like Apex. Apex is a reputable industrial cleaning firm that stands out from other Kent, OH-based companies for its superior quality products and for its unmatched customer care.

Today, CO2 blasting is the top choice for individuals seeking to quickly and effectively clean their tanks, bins, silos, food processing equipment, turbines, ceilings and building interiors. The method also works great for removing adhesives, grease, rust, and paint, tar, and oil residues on surfaces.

The highly trained staff at Apex won't rest until your manufacturing firm or plant has the right ice-blasting tools and equipment. These equipment cleaning professionals are renowned for arriving to your factory to train and teach your staff on how best to use the ice-blasting components. Customers and business-owners also appreciate the fact that Apex offers cost-competitive deals for industrial cleaning applications at their warehouses. Apex also specializes in fire restoration tasks for the residents of Kent, OH. The blasting components are 100% eco-friendly and they have been verified by leading quality assurance authorities like the FDA, the USDA and by the EPA.