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Fire Restoration Using Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting is increasingly being used in fire restoration and is becoming known throughout the industry for being the best and fastest way to clean fire and smoke damaged surfaces. Dry ice blasting is very effective at removing soot, charred wood and toxic residue off any surface including wood, concrete, brick, block and metal. It is also very effective at reducing smoky odors.

More restoration contractors are using dry ice blasting instead of soda blasting due to the mess and residue soda blasting leaves behind. With dry ice blasting, the dry ice sublimates (transforming directly from a solid to a gas) after it makes contact with the surface, leaving behind no secondary contamination or additional waste.

The process is dry and does not cause surface damage or erosion like other forms of abrasive blasting.  Dry ice blasting is also 3 to 5 times faster than hand cleaning and is better than hand cleaning at reaching tight and hard to reach areas.

Dry ice blasting is environmentally safe and eliminates the need for hazardous chemicals. This process is EPA, FDA and USDA approved.

Dry Ice Blasting is the safest, cleanest and fastest way to clean fire and smoke damage!

Dry Ice Blasting Soot Off Concrete Floor


Removing Soot From Wood Using Dry Ice Blasting


More Soot Removal with the Dry Ice Cleaning



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